Patient Visit Information

Clinic Address and Contact Information

1300 N. Vermont Ave., Suite 905
Los Angeles, CA 90027

Phone: (213) 469-6277 | Fax: (213) 469-6279

Before Your Visit

Our office will receive a referral from your Maternal-Fetal Medicine doctor. Once records are received, the clinical staff will review them. If you meet criteria for a consultation or fetal intervention, one of our nurse coordinators will call you to schedule an appointment. They will let you know what to expect on your initial visit and answer any questions you may have.

If you have been prescribed aspirin by your physician, please discontinue until after your evaluation.

On the Day of Your Visit

  1. Where to park
    • There is visitor parking on-site.
      Cost: $ 15 max credit card or cash (Subject to change)

      Unfortunately, we do not validate parking; it is privately owned.
  2. What to bring to your appointment
    • Insurance card and photo ID. Identity of the patient needs to be confirmed with a photo ID. (Driver’s license, ID, school ID, debit card with picture)
    • Copay, if applicable.
    • It is important to have your significant other/family member accompany you to your visit. (Many details and a great deal of information will be discussed and it is always a good idea to have a second set of ears).
    • Due to the lengthy nature of the visit, we ask that you do not bring young children, if possible.
    • You will be asked to complete a new patient packet. If you would like to receive it via email to complete prior to your appointment, please email and we will email the packet to you. Business hours: 7:30 AM- 4:30 PM
  3. What to expect at your visit
    • Your initial visit will consist of a full ultrasound exam and detailed consultation.
    • The length of the visit may be between 1 ½ to 2 hours.
    • Additional testing and exams may be added, if medically necessary.
    • Depending on ultrasound findings and Dr. Chmait’s determination, we may refer you to outside specialists at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA) for additional visits. (MRI, consults, fetal echocardiogram)
    • Please be aware that, due to time constraints and urgency of most cases, we schedule the surgeries prior to the patient being seen in our office to reserve a spot for surgery. The facility may call you and give you details about your scheduled surgery. If surgery is not needed, we will cancel it.
    • Once your ultrasound exam is complete, you will have a full consultation with Dr. Chmait. During the consultation, you will learn about your diagnosis in detail, be advised of your options, and have the opportunity to ask any questions.
  4. When surgery is necessary
    • Outpatient
      1. After your consultation is completed, you will be asked to report to Hollywood Presbyterian lab for a blood-draw appointment.
      2. They will require your photo ID and insurance card.
      3. Your blood will be drawn and the results will be faxed to our office.
        (In case a fetal blood transfusion is required, you must keep the red wrist band on until after the transfusion is completed the following day.)
      4. Surgery will be scheduled for the following day at Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center
      5. The nurse coordinator will provide you with the details of arrival time and surgery start time during your office visit.
      6. You will be asked to report to the hospital approximately two hours before your scheduled surgery time.
      7. You will be given a packet of your pre-operative instructions (Spanish) and map.
    • Inpatient
      1. The nurse coordinator will provide you with details of arrival time and surgery start time for the following day.
      2. You will be asked to report to the hospital approximately two hours before your scheduled surgery time.
      3. You will be given a packet of your pre-operative instructions (Spanish) and map.
  5. Insurance & Billing Information
    • We accept most insurance plans.
    • If we are a non-participating provider, we may be required to obtain a financial letter of agreement. This may take time to obtain, but we will keep you updated on its status.
    • If we are unable to obtain a letter of agreement or authorization, you have the option to call our office and obtain the cash prices.
    • You may also contact your local case worker to try to obtain emergency Medi-Cal (California residents).
    • Any out-of-pocket costs for professional fees for the office visit will be collected prior to being seen. Any professional fees relating to the surgery will be billed after services are rendered by USC Care Medical Group.
    • Any facility fees will be collected by Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center on the day of your surgery. The facility will call you the day before to advise you of what you are expected to pay at the time of service and what will be billed to you by Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center.
    • If you have completed your visits and have any questions regarding a bill from USC Care Medical Group, please contact our USC Billing Department at 888-670-1431.